Sabana De Res | Source: Shutterstock
Sabana De Res | Source: Shutterstock

Sabana De Res Recipe for an Authentic Mexican Beef Steak to Enjoy at Home

Milla Sigaba
Jan 22, 2024
09:44 A.M.
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Enjoy the Hispanic comfort food Sabana de Res at home with this perfect recipe that you can combine with sides of your choosing — from Mexican red rice to black beans.

Sabana de Res is an iconic dish across many Hispanic countries that you can prepare and enjoy in many ways and that families have devoured in their homes.

However, to truly savor the taste of the tender and flavorful Sabana de Res steaks in the comfort of your home, try this simple recipe perfect with any side dish of your choice.

Sabana de Res Recipe


  • lime juice
  • soy sauce
  • minced garlic
  • salt and black pepper
  • 2 teaspoons ground cumin
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 2 (8-ounce) beef tenderloin fillets
Sabana de Res | Source: Shutterstock

Sabana de Res | Source: Shutterstock


1. Tenderize the beef filets by wrapping them in sheets of plastic or parchment paper coated in oil, with the grain running vertically and the oiled side facing the meat.

2. Flatten each steak with a heavy cleaver or mallet for about 5 minutes per steak until the meat is thin.

3. Prepare the marinade for the meat by mixing lime juice, soy sauce, minced garlic, salt, black pepper, ground cumin, and dried oregano in a bowl.

Tenderize the beef filets for about 5 minutes or until soft. | Source: YouTube/Whats4Chow

Tenderize the beef filets for about 5 minutes or until soft. | Source: YouTube/Whats4Chow

4. Place the steaks in the bowl and allow them to marinade for 2-3 hours or overnight for the best flavor.

5. Once the steaks have marinated, reheat a lightly oiled, large, non-stick skillet or cast iron pan. Once hot, sear the steaks on each side for 2-7 minutes or until you reach your desired doneness.

6. Allow the steaks to rest for 5-10 minutes after grilling, then pair them with your chosen sides.

One of the best parts of Sabana de Res is that you can enjoy it in many ways. Either pair this classic Hispanic dish with a side of Mexican red rice and beans or, for a healthier option, lay the steaks on a bed of lettuce with avocado and a squeeze of lime. You might also be interested in following this recipe for a delicious sauce to complement your homemade Sabana de Res.

And if you're in the mood for something sweet after devouring your homemade Sabana de Res, try this satisfying Del Frisco's butter cake recipe.

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